There is something magical about spring – the whole nature is waking with new, invisible vitality yet to be manifested in radiant colors and fragrances. It is a season of new beginnings when you want to clean out the closet from worn out, pale winter clothes and wash windows to let the beauty of nature come in as much as possible.

Just like spring cleaning, thinking patterns need to be sorted out as well to create a space for new, life-giving habits. There is so much good waiting for us – graduation, new job/ ministry opportunities, exciting decisions, just to name a few. However, to embrace it all, we need to ‘clean out’ fear, low self-esteem, and wrong comparisons, and replace it with confidence to embrace all that God has prepared for us! He is giving life – life in abundance!

Just as doing physical exercise regularly over time brings results, there are various things we can do, or pay attention to, in order to boost confidence and productivity:

1. Compare Yourself to Yourself

There will always be somebody better than you. There will always be people ahead of you. Comparisons with others are unfair because you don’t know as much as you think you do about the other people, their lives or just about what price they are paying to do what they are doing.

Instead of comparing yourself to others, compare yourself to yourself. Look at what you can do and how you have improved yourself or your results.  Most likely, if you were more aware of your gifting and potential, you wouldn’t want to be someone else or do what someone else is doing.

2. Use Mental Filtering

Use the following questions to assess your thought patterns: How accurate are my thoughts?  Are they consistent with the facts or are they long-held thoughts and beliefs that feel like they are facts? What do these thoughts do to me? Are they empowering or destructive?

Don’t mistake feelings for facts. You are not a failure just because you feel like one.

3. Spend More Time With People Who are Supportive

Who is supportive of your talents, goals or dreams? Sometimes we just need to make space for people who are positive, encouraging, and kind. While we cannot always pick and choose who to spend time with, but we can still avoid giving the best of our time to people who drag us down.

4. Forgive Yourself

Everyone makes mistakes. When something doesn’t work out, don’t be too hard on yourself. There probably is another solution worth trying!

Mistakes are part of life and they are greater teachers than success! Bill Gates has said, ”Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose.” Bearing this truth in mind, ask yourself, “What can I learn from my mistakes?”

5. Do Physical Exercise

Exercise has anti-anxiety effects, can help us be less reactive to physiological changes under pressure and help us keep them from getting out of control (which is especially helpful when facing challenges in front of a crowd). Exercise is also a great mood booster!

6. Stories 

Study stories of famous people who have faced challenges and difficulties but persevered in pursuing their goals. Research shows that these “struggle stories” empower, give motivation and perseverance much more than glorious success stories.

7. Remind Yourself of Your Victories

Finally, think about the good parts of your life and appreciate them. Ignoring accomplishments is easy, yet making a decision to celebrate what has been done, and done well, releases greater satisfaction, motivation and productivity, which leads to being inspired and productive again.

Victories can be small everyday steps, and often these small steps are the ones that actually make bigger things happen.

Pause now and ask yourself, “What have I done well recently that I can celebrate?

Have a Wonderful Spring!