What is Success, and Why Do We Strive for It?

Interview with Wolfgang G. Jani


My today’s guest is a certified professional coach and a coach trainer, Wolfgang Jani.

Wolfgang believes that leading yourself and others with clarity is not an easy task. But when you lead from your true self, life becomes more meaningful and enjoyable. That is why he has devoted himself to coaching for the last 16 years by helping leaders make meaningful changes that significantly improve their lives and empower them to live out their purpose courageously.

Wolfgang was born in Switzerland and resides in Hungary with his wife; they have three adult children.

As an experienced coach, Wolfgang acknowledges that we all desire to accomplish something meaningful in our lives. We need to be seen and heard, and we want to contribute to something bigger than ourselves in so many different ways – we want to be successful! He notes that:

‘There are all kinds of understandings of success that mislead us to what real success would actually be because it’s all so focused on the external, production, or fame, which is very elusive. Or winning the gold medal or something, only to discover that you’ve done that, then what’s next? What’s the next success that we need to chase? Sometimes it may come out of our desire to find value in something external, and then the external doesn’t give us the value that we need!’ 

Success, which gives meaning, value, and fulfillment and helps to be true to oneself, goes beyond external markers. Wolfgang deepens our understanding that success can be so much more, for example:

  • Living purposefully and being true to oneself can be fulfilling, even if it doesn’t lead to external recognition.
  • Success is not always about being in the spotlight or achieving something others consider successful. It’s the daily effort and small steps forward towards something meaningful, and it can be just as important as external recognition or achievements.
  • Personal growth is crucial in achieving meaningful accomplishments.
  • Controlling one’s reactions and attitudes in difficult situations, responding with kindness and not judgment, and learning how to listen well is a success worth pursuing.
  • Being kind to oneself and not judging oneself too harshly is also a form of success.
  • Embracing the discomfort zone of learning new things, uncertainty, and temporal lack of confidence when walking into new opportunities is a success.
  • The posture of being grateful for who I am and that where I am today, I’m actually good enough, is a success. What I do today is good enough – that creates energy and life!
  • Being present and actually enjoying what I’m doing is a success.

Wolfgang digs even deeper:

‘What if our life has a bigger purpose, not just something that’s measurable by the end of our life, as in wealth, recognition, money, or a bigger house? What am I leaving behind? What lives beyond me when I’m gone? What kind of memory do I want to leave behind?’

The intangible things often hold the most value in our lives, such as relationships, connections, and memories. It’s essential to align our actions and choices with our true values and purpose rather than just chasing external markers of success. The legacy we leave behind is not about material possessions or accomplishments but about our impact on others and the world around us. Humility and selflessness can create a far more meaningful and fulfilling life.

Although this topic of success is broad and has tons of layers, Wolfgang encourages the listener as we wrap up the conversation:

“Discover who God made you to be. And then be clear about your values and that you are enough. You can make a difference with your life! Your life is worth living, is meaningful, and can be very fruitful, but be who you are to the extent that you know who that is right now. Then keep learning by trial and error, make as many mistakes as you need, but learn from them to be more aligned with who God created you to be, and then live in that freedom and contribute to others, whether that’s recognized or not, but that in itself is just fulfilling and motivating. When we know our life is aligned, there’s clarity and discipline; it is still an ongoing learning journey. And there is that perspective of I’m being loved by God already, so I am enough. Now I need to express that love to myself and others. So I’d say: be who you are fully; the world needs you; it needs your contribution. Without you, something would be missing. So be on your journey to discover!”

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He will inspire you to see the true riches you’ve been given today to live a life that is successful, full of meaning, and fulfillment!


Bronnie Ware book The Top Five Regrets of the Dying.


Some of Wolfgang’s favorite movies:

Life is beautiful, 1997, with Robert Benigni, Nicoletta Braschi

Heaven, Cate Blanchett and Giovanni Ribisi, beautiful musical score by Arvo Pärt!

Coach Carter, Samuel L. Jackson

Patch Adams, Robin Williams

Good Will Hunting, Robin Williams and Matt Damon

My big fat greek wedding

The Shawshank Redemption

To End All Wars, Robert Carlyle, Keither Sutherland

The Lord of the Rings trilogy

Rain Man, Dustin Hoffman, Tom Cruise

The Green Mile, Tom Hanks

Ostrov, 2006, Pyotr Momonov

The Mission, Robert De Niro, Jeremy Irons

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