Coaching goals – how to decide what to work on with a coach?

Preparing for your coaching session is crucial – a clear goal can enhance its effectiveness. If you’re unsure about the coaching goal, consider these guiding questions:

1. Reflect on the main aspects of your life: work, relationships, health, community, recreation, etc. Which two areas are causing you the most pain or discomfort?

2. Identify the area that, if left unaddressed, will cost you the most.

3. Envision what you would like these areas to look like in a year. What do you need to get there?

By addressing these three questions, you’ll gain valuable insights to pinpoint the ideal theme for your coaching session.


– It’s okay to inform your coach at the beginning of the session that you have multiple potential goals in mind or even none. Coaching themes may naturally emerge during the conversation as it starts to unfold.

Ultimately, choose the theme that can lead to the most needed positive impact on your life. This decision will steer your coaching sessions toward the most beneficial outcome.